James Entwistle

James Entwistle is back in his home again after just two and a half weeks of therapy.


After having surgery at UMASS Memorial in for a small bowel obstruction, Entwistle, a Navy veteran and retired truck driver, came to Life Care Center of Auburn, Massachusetts, for rehabilitation.


When Entwistle arrived on Oct. 2, 2017, he was very weak and unable to walk or propel himself in a wheelchair. He needed extensive assistance with bathing and getting dressed, as well as standing, and he needed moderate assistance to get in and out of bed and take care of his daily grooming tasks.


Physical therapists and occupational therapists worked with Entwistle six days a week, and he also took part in respiratory therapy.


“Initially, he was limited by his respiratory status, so treatment was paced to what he could tolerate,” said Andrew Strawn, director of rehab at Life Care Center of Auburn.


The PT team started out with light weights and therapeutic exercises and slowly increased the difficulty as he progressed. They helped him regain his balance and energy conservation and helped him walk and manage stairs again. The OT team did their part by retraining him in his activities of daily living so he would be ready to care for himself at home.


Not only were the therapists and other associates encouraging to Entwistle, but his wife and daughter were active in his recovery.


On Oct. 19, Entwistle was able to go home to his wife, fully independent and ready for his planned trip to Florida.


“This place was good,” Entwistle said of Life Care Center of Auburn. “I was able to recover fast and get back home where I want to be.”