Kelly Dumas, occupational therapist assistant, with the socks

Life Care Center of Auburn, Massachusetts, collected 93 pairs of new socks for Abby’s House, a local women’s shelter, for the month of January.


In the past, the facility has been known to run a hat and glove drive for the winter season. This year, the facility’s Fun Committee wanted to do something different.


Receptionist Tricia Jones shares how the residents reacted to the idea.


“Everyone that dropped socks off thought it was a good idea, as many people never had thought of that,” Jones said.


Once the Fun Committee decided on the idea, the associates began searching for an organization that would benefit from the drive. That’s what led them to Abby’s House, whose mission is to provide temporary housing for homeless women and children. Committee members were excited to set out the basket and encourage residents and associates to donate socks to the organization. After a few weeks, the facility had completing the drive successfully.


As a result, the Fun Committee has decided to dedicate this year to giving, donating to a different charity each month. The committee chose cystic fibrosis as their February cause to show support of one of the facility’s nurses whose grandson has cystic fibrosis. Additional causes they plan to support include: multiple sclerosis, breast cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.